Accounting and Auditing

Cooper & Company, and predecessor firms have been providing exceptional accounting, and assurance services to clients based in Toronto and surrounding area since the 1970s. Over the years, the firm has provided support for a wide range of industries, meeting diverse client needs, while maintaining rigorous standards.

Cooper & company's staff is the most vital asset in our assurance and accounting department. Our team is comprised of highly skilled, dedicated, and motivated individuals who combine their creativity and experience to provide every client with the highest level of service. Our staff is focused on understanding the client's needs as opposed to simply generating reports, providing clients with maximum value on every engagement. Cooper & Company has a low turnover, with most employees having been with the firm for multiple years. As a result, the same employees will be working on your engagement for years, allowing our clients to develop a comfort level with multiple members of their assurance team.

Our partners stay highly involved with each engagement, keeping an open line of communication to the client to ensure client satisfaction. Furthermore, our competitive rate structure, and personal approach to each engagement ensures that we build and maintain strong professional relationships with our clients.

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