Firm Profile

Cooper & Company is an innovative chartered accounting firm, comprised of a staff of knowledgeable and dedicated accountants. With 3 decades of experience, it is our goal to use our expertise to provide our clients with exceptional service.


Creating and maintaining a business in today's ever changing market place can be a challenge. That's why our clients depend on us for sound judgment, constructive advice, and personal service. We go beyond the call of duty, with partners taking an active role in each individual file. We judge our success on the ultimate success of our clients. At Cooper & Company we pride ourselves on strong client relationships. We believe that every client has unique needs, and therefore we tailor our advice and service to meet the needs of each individual client. Our organizational structure is flatter than most firms, as all staff has direct access to the partner on each engagement. Also, Cooper & Company utilizes a team approach. What this means for our clients is that the talents of every staff member is available for your engagement, with input readily available from every one of our talented accountants.


Each one of our accountants is unique, coming from different educational backgrounds and training experiences. Some have spent a large part of their careers auditing international companies, some have extensive Not For Profit experience, while others have focused their career on the owner managed private sector. However, every one of our accountants shares the ambition to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. At Cooper & Company, we put our experience and training towards providing our clients with exceptional service. We commit to our clients that they will feel the personal touch in our relationship, and experience outstanding results.


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